Heidi Hageman,
Morning Segment Producer, KUSI TV, San Diego, CA.

“Louisa Maccan-Graves provides a totally unique, visual and interactive segment with her one-of-a-kind “Hollywood Beauty Secrets!” Hosts can also participate in this segment which is always entertaining. Each time she has been a guest on our program, her “tricks of the trade” are a hit, and her energetic personality entertains the crew and the audience alike. Viewer response is always outstanding. She is a wonderful guest who provides interesting insight to one of America’s favorite topics — looking and feeling more beautiful!”
Kirstin Anderson,
Former Producer of Northwest Afternoon on KOMO TV in Seattle, WA. (ABC affiliate)

“Louisa is one of the most organized and professional guests I have worked with. She thought of everything, which made my job so easy. She not only provided her own props and ingredients, she prepared over 28 recipes for the show!! What’s even better is that the audience loved her “Hollywood Beauty Secrets & Remedies”. She really connected with our viewers. We received countless emails requesting information about her home-made remedies. I myself was turned onto a treatment I am still using today. Louisa really knows her beauty secrets and how to deliver to an audience on television!”

Samantha Standar,
Producer of Hollywood Hamilton Morning Show on K-Earth 101, Los Angeles, CA.

“Louisa is phenomenal! One of the best guests we’ve had in terms of the response which was just amazing. The phones did not quit for days. Emails kept pouring in. Ladies all over the Southland (CA.) could not enough of the information that Louisa had to share. One of the best interviews we’ve ever done!! She’s a regular about every 12 weeks.”
George Reyes,
Public Affairs Director, Producer and Host of Visions and Views for Smooth Jazz 94.7 KTWV The Wave, Los Angeles, CA.

“We’ve had the pleasure of having Celebrity Body Parts Model, Louisa Maccan-Graves of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, as a featured guest on our show on numerous occasions. Listener response to her segments WAS INCREDIBLE! She’s the only repeat guest we’ve had. Many, many telephone calls and emails were received enquiring about remedies and treatments she spoke of. Louisa is absolutely wonderful to work with and a complete professional. Family and friends of mine have taken Louisa’s advice and tested the remedies with astonishing results. Louisa has an open invitation to appear as our guest on our show at any time. For a compelling guest that your audience will thoroughly enjoy, Louisa of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, is your best bet!”


“Louisa Maccan-Graves is rapidly becoming the ” Martha Stewart of beauty and I predict her book will soon become the ‘bible of beauty’ for all appearance-conscious women (and many men as well). One good look at this remarkable woman’s skin, face, neck and hands, and you’ll gladly shell out the price of this book to learn her secrets. It contains a wealth of useful and practical information. It is extremely well-organized and is written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow style.”
F. A. Cord, M.D.
“Ms. Louisa Maccan-Graves, a well-known hands and body-parts model in Hollywood, has created a rich compendium of beauty tips and anti-aging secrets in one compact book for women of all ages. She informs the reader that there are many new alternative anti-aging choices available to them. Louisa offers effective anti-aging recipes and products for facial and body care, nails, hands, feet, and hair care. The book also covers insightful rejuvenating nutritional and sensible slimming information to help you lose weight. Many of the products Louisa suggests throughout the book are reasonably priced so that the budget-conscious user can shop efficiently. As the Chairman of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Conferences, I believe that Louisa has put something together here of significant practical value. Along with four other physicians, I also recommend “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” as a “must read” for all women who care about their health and appearance.”
L. S. Coles, M.D., Ph.D
General Chairman of the Program Committee for the Integrative Medicine
and Anti-Aging Conferences, Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Gerontology Research Group and Stem-Cell Researcher with the Department of Surgery in the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

“Louisa’s non-invasive approach to cutting-edge, natural rejuvenation is like ‘Extreme Makeover’……without the knife. The science is behind the products and beauty tips she recommends. I highly recommend this book to all my patients. Written by a formidable woman who herself defies aging, this book is a concise and insightful source of valuable information for everyone— especially for those who feel leery of general anesthesia and of going “under the knife”. It contains objective and reliable information about the newest remedies and treatments available for achieve a healthier lifestyle and to both retard and reverse aging in both men and women. Louisa’s book is like Extreme Makeover ……without the knife.”
E. Llorente, M.D.

“Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue is a concise insight to the personal care world of a career professional model. Louisa’s book takes you through core issues of personal appearance, wellness, anti-aging skin care and her secrets to access affordable and effective products and rejuvenating therapies. Everyone, men included, may benefit with her secrets to success! Hollywood Beauty Secrets is an important work for all aesthetic medicine and surgery professionals to recommend for their clients.”
R. S. Jennings, M.D.
“A great book, full of insightful tips. Not surprising, from a woman who not only looks years younger than her age, but maintains her own health so carefully and well.”
C. Ott, M.D.

Being a make-up artist in the film industry, I try hundreds of products, but nothing has hydrated and smoothed my skin like the recipes and suggestions in her book. Within two days of using Louisa’s advice, I saw immediate results!! My skin felt smooth, hydrated, firm and lines around my eyes softened. Louisa has certainly uncovered amazing skin care secrets that work far better than any expensive or hyped product on the market. May I add that I work on faces all day long and when I found out Louisa’s age, I thought she was 15 years younger! Her skin is glowing and looks better than most women in their 20’s.
L. Vallejo, Hollywood Make-up Artist for Hit Series “Heroes”

“I really appreciate your response. This is greatly important to me! I’m an actress and recently worked on the film production direction by Kevin MacDonald called,”State of Play” with a star cast. including Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Russell Crowe. I take Louisa’s book with my everywhere I go and sing praises of her wonderful skin savings tips. I know personally that those whom I told about this book have immediately purchased it just by looking at my skin. I SWEAR BY YOUR BOOK!
Silvia Anderson, Actress

“I’ve done make-up for hundreds of celebrities, movie stars and TV personalities and I have to say that Louisa has absolutely the most gorgeous skin! Even her legs and arms are flawless.”
Sandra Dunphy Marshall, Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist

“I have known Louisa for years. Not only does she defy age, she legitimately grows younger in appearance. I encounter many celebrities who devote massive amounts of time, money and energy to achieving beauty that seems to come naturally to Louisa.”
David A., Reporter / Producer E! Entertainment

“Louisa is considered an anomaly in fiercely competitive Hollywood where most women will never reveal their beauty secrets.”
N. MacIntyre, Reporter Toronto Star

“In a town filled with fierce competition and desire for personal gain, it is tempting for beautiful women to keep beauty secrets to themselves. It is so refreshing to read a book from an author that cares enough to share her secrets so that every woman has the opportunity to be her very best. I so enjoyed reading Louisa’s book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue.” It’s a rich treasure chest of remedies and ideas to enable any woman to target problem spots and overcome them. Louisa doesn’t resort to fluff to fill in space and sell more books but fills every page with substantial, quality suggestions as to how to attend to problem spots utilizing such readily available ingredients as milk, baking soda and coffee grounds. I found myself continually saying, “wow – I didn’t know that!” I now use many of Louisa’s recommendations and feel better than ever!
J. Matney, Producer

“I just got your book today and already finished it! I was taking notes the whole time and now I’m off to the drug store. Thanks for bringing this to us in one wonderful, insightful volume.
A. Fuller, TV Anchor KUSI-TV

“I drink Fat Burner Blast Off coffee in the mornings on an empty stomach before I run. It helps my fat burning metabolism, tastes really good and it’s a great, healthy alternative to regular coffee.”
Michael Katsidis, Lightweight World Boxing Champion

“I met Louisa through my work in the commercial film industry, where we spend long hours on our feet, days on end. I love her easy, thirty-minute pedicure! My feet have never been so happy, or so pretty! All of Louisa’s advice is directed to busy women like me who need simple, economical, practical ways to take care of our bodies.”
Carol, Sardines & Oranges Catering

“I am exposed to the sun quite regularly which concerned me. I learned from Louisa’s book that only a few sunscreens contain effective UV protection. I e-mailed the effective ingredients she specified to look for on sunscreen labels to all my friends and they in turn e-mailed their friends. Louisa helped a lot of people who were misinformed about sun protection.”
Lee A., Talent Agent

“I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Louisa’s book, Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue.” I believe every woman will find this complete beauty guide is loaded with insightful and invaluable beauty remedies. Everything is doable, affordable and really works!”
Sue S., Medical Aesthetician

“I’d just like to thank you again for being so kind, helpful and forthcoming with all your expertise. You replied to my enquiries so quickly and never once try to “sell” me and never made me feel pressure to buy anything.”
M. Palazzolo

“You know, I really appreciate the personal contact you have with your customers. That really gives me a good feeling about using your recommendations. I would definitely refer you to my close friends. Thanks again for your time, attention and concern.”
T. Taylor

“All your help has been so great. Your Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue book is now a part of our family’s medicine cabinet. Our family guide is upgrading our personal body hygiene to the next level. Thanks so much for creating an easy to read handbook with simple-to-apply helpful tips. Sign me up for your next book on anti-aging. Are you giving local seminars? Count me in. Oh yes, the rash on my wrist went away in a couple of days. Your “Rescue Remedies” really work.
D. Ramler
“Louisa thank you so much for your telephone conversation when I called to order the LED light therapy unit. I received the LED in record time and believe I can see improvement already. Now that I am a believer in the LED light, I would trust anything you say. Also thanks for your great newsletter. It’s very informative and helpful and I look forward to receiving it.

I love the products you recommended. My hair loss has almost stopped and the condition of my hair has greatly improved. Thanks.”

“…..I felt the need to comment on your customer service. Each and every time I called, you have taken time to answer me personally and spent time discussing and teaching me the important information. As a consumer I am confident using your product suggestions and recommending you to friends. It is so refreshing to finally find a company and a person willing to put the customers needs first and go that extra mile. Thank you for the past three years of skin advice and for the next 50 years of self-confidence and happiness in my inner and outer beauty.”
E. Inpyn

“Thank you so much for being on the radio station that day. So glad I was listening or I would have never found out about you. I found your story in Woman’s World very interesting – even my husband asked to read it. I do hope that you are on Oprah. I would think she would enjoy having you. She’s a year younger than me and I sense from her shows that she is concerned and interested about staying fit and following healthy guidelines. I received your work out tape and will begin doing it tomorrow. It has been so much fun corresponding with you.”

“Everybody at work loves your Hollywood Beauty Secrets book!”
C. Segovia

“I enjoyed Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” so much! In fact, I’ve read through it twice and devoured so much information. I also want to order more books for my friends!”
P. Bard

“I just had to drop you a note …. I am having so much fun with your book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue.” I have shared it with my co-workers and it has gone out to lunch with more people than I have! I’ve decided to buy two more copies of the book to share with my friends. Thanks Louisa, your booked is filled with fantastic health and beauty advice that really works!”
T. Barley, SM, CA. (50+ and fighting it)
“On a beauty budget? In the days of $250 DNA face creams and expensive plastic surgery, wrinkle injections, and chemical peels, how refreshing it is to find a book which outlines inexpensive beauty buys to remedy everything from battling blemishes, weight loss, plumping lips, and rejuvenating facial and body skin. Hollywood Beauty Secrets – Remedies to the Rescue is a godsend for those looking for low budget ways to look and feel great. This is a refreshing and interesting read, worthwhile to anyone who is watching their pennies. Let’s face it – being beautiful shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and Louisa shows us the way.”
A. Gueta
“ Louisa: I want to thank you for introducing me to your miracle remedies! I had been looking for a remedy for my tired looking eyes (dark circles, puffy and lines). I had actually seen a doctor to consider some sort of filler for my dark circles and hollow looking under eye area. I was really obsessed and unhappy with how my eyes looked. I read your “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” book and took your recommendation to try one more thing before undergoing surgery. I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning. I looked like a new woman, and I’m not kidding, circles 50% better, puffiness gone, even the skin looked tighter around the orbital eye area. I shared this with a close friend as she also noticed a difference and quickly ordered your book. I went back to see the doctor recently and shared my excitement about what I discovered. I am truly happy with my eyes now. He said that was saying a lot, because I am so picky, but he admitted he could also see the difference. There will be no procedure now and after using your remedy for 2 1/2 months, I am still amazed each day with how my eyes look now. It really took years off! I worked for Clinique Cosmetics for 10 years, and had a myriad of products always at hand to try and I have never tried anything that made such an improvement so quickly or been so excited about. I can really hardly stop talking about it. Thanks Louisa for your book, or I would have never found this eye miracle in a bottle.”
P. Tait
“Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue is an amazing compilation of practical, tried and true remedies for beauty concerns most women face at some point in their lives. Let Louisa’s track record speak for itself, and let her remedies change your life forever.”
“There is absolutely no other book on the market like “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue.” It is filled with invaluable beauty advice that every woman on the planet has been looking for. Louisa’s extensive modeling career certainly indicates that she must be doing something right!”
Trudy N.

“Your book has provided me with a sensible, affordable ‘user-friendly’ guide to help keep my skin, hair and nails in perfect condition. I tell everyone about your book. It’s a must read! Thanks Louisa.”
Marlene H.

“Ok, the truth is while writing this comment, I have not read this book as yet…I just ordered it today BUT I have a story about the author which will explain my 5-star-rating. About 6 months ago I was in my doctor’s waiting room when he approached me and asked if I would mind speaking about my treatments to a woman that was writing a book on beauty solutions. I agreed to talk to her for 2 reasons: I felt that if any woman that shared my problem of unsightly cellulite could get help from my experience then I wanted to be a part of that and also because the woman (Louisa) seemed very personable. She was very thorough in her questioning in the office and called me later that day to ask me even more Q’s. I allowed her access to my before photos so she could be certain I was not imagining my progress. She has kept a steady vigilance of following up with me to hear if my improvements were continuing and holding. A few times I took advantage of her calls and asked about unrelated problems I was having, she gave me several remedies that I am still using today and they were inexpensive and they really work. So I rated her book upon a first hand trust factor, I know she does her homework, I know she asks the hard questions and demands proof and I know she has a great deal of information on many beauty solutions in that pretty head of hers.”
Barbara A.

“I love your Hollywood Beauty Secrets Remedies to the Rescue book x 50!!
Mina J.

“I love, love, love your book. It’s like my bible. I carry it with me everywhere with my highlighter!”
Melinda D.

“I wanted to send you an email and thank you so much for the products that you sent to me just 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have been taking before and after pictures and my skin already looks so much better! (see ATTACHED – I did some cutting of pictures to hide my identity).

I am 54 and have problems with age spots, wrinkles and swelling around my eyes (really bad) and mouth (lip lines) plus the beginnings of sagging jowls. I was listening to the radio and heard your interview with Kim, and then visited your website and called you. You provided consultation over the phone and as a result, I have been using the LED light (morning and night), plus the EMU oil, the peptide cream and the PerfectRX night serum. I have been exfoliating every other night with baking soda and this is obviously helping speed up the process. I also have been using your witch hazel and lemon juice home-made age spot lightener.

My skin is obviously softer, smoother and firmer and my age spots are fading (see the photo of my jaw area). What is most amazing is that after 2 weeks my eyes look remarkably better in the before and after pictures – less wrinkled and no more swollen eyelids. I have also been doing some of your neck and mouth face exercises mentioned in your book while watching TV.

I have had injectables in my lines since the age of 32 done every six months, expensive laser resurfacing that was also a horrifying experience and botox done in my eyes and nasal labial folds which I have now decided to give up considering the results that I am already getting (plus to avoid putting these toxins in my system). Your products are a much more natural and lower cost way to look years younger, and I can’t thank you enough.”



One Response to Testimonials

  1. Kim says:

    Louisa, I want to thank you so much for your book, it is amazing! I sat down and started reading it and could not put it down, until I was finished. You have so many beauty secrets that you share for absolutely everyone! I have to honestly say that you are the most unselfish women, considering the industry you are in. Your humbleness, and giving in your book that you have done is amazing! You have given all women, every beauty secret and how, and where to get the products at a very low cost. You are truly an amazing person, I am so glad I called you. Which that takes me to another point I would like to say, most always in this world when you call someone of your stature you would get an answering machine or someone else taking the product order, but you are so personable that you actually care about your clients and take the calls yourself, and give them quality time. I just want to say thank you!

    I am really looking forward to using the LED light therapy that I ordered, and I just received the products from you and love them! I will be applying your remedies in your book faithfully and I am very excited about seeing the results.

    Thank you again,

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