Ed Menster

It’s not “About Me”…..it’s “ABOUT YOU” !

The ONLY thing that matters are YOUR Dreams, YOUR Desires, what YOUR fire is, what do YOU really love!

Do YOU want to OWN YOU LIFE!

There’s a reason 95 out of 100 people in network marketing fail. It’s not lack of leads, the company, the products, your upline…..

Have you figured out YOUR WHY!

Everybody knows today’s buzz word is “COACH and MENTOR”. They’re on any street corner you visit and in any store window. But do they “wear a fake nose and mustache”!

So would it be OK if there was an organization that does all this and more…and not at YOUR expense?

Together with my business partner, my son, we belong to an organization that for more than 6 years has been changing network marketers lives, not just generating leads. They’re committed to and specialize in turning struggling and frustrated network marketers, young and old, into successful home based business owners…..NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THEIR CREDIT CARD!

We help “YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS”, and then teach you to duplicate it. It’s not “Fail Forward” but “Succeed Forward and Duplicate”!

Mentoring for Free is an organization of over 400 network marketing professionals that believes in the value of education, coaching and mentoring, personal development, lead generation all within a mastermind environment.

There are no egos! There are no agendas!

Since December 4, 2004, for over six years we provided a support system to insure YOUR SUCCESS. A true mastermind that meets each Saturday night!

We’ve never charged a penny for our programs and never will. People have paid $100’s and $1,000’s of dollars for instruction and programs from “Internet Guru’s” only to fail miserably…and go terribly in debt!

We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring….but you have access to our entire team…all at NO COST!

To view the member benefits included in Mentoring for Free, click this link: http://teammenster.com/?page_id=12

So… if you’re “New to Network Marketing… or Frustrated or Struggling”, join us for our generic skills calls, training calls, or interactive discussions each week.

We DO NOT promote Products or Companies but we’ll teach you how to grow your business in the most efficient cost effective manner.

So what’s easier for you….paying the internet guru or learning how to do it the “right way, once”!

We “Mentor with a Servants Heart”…. Take us up on our offer!

To download my Free ebook, “Success in 10 Steps”, click here!

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