Hollywood Beauty Secrets – Under 30-Minute Model Sculpting Workout
Available as DVD only.

Louisa’s fast, effective and challenging video is not for wimps! Her personal sculpting workout can help you achieve amazing results in just eight weeks without having to hire a personal trainer or join a gym. Louisa’s “Under 30 Minute Model Sculpting Workout” addresses the areas of concern of many women, and focuses on multiple exercises for each muscle group. Her workout can be done in just 30 minutes addressing tummy, ‘muffin tops’, butt, hips, legs, triceps, biceps, back and shoulders – and even includes warm-up and cool-down stretches. This workout includes: pilates roll-ups as well as a series of upper and lower abdominal exercises, squats, lunges, plies, kick-backs, butt lifts & squeezes, bicep and tricep curls and push ups. Once you’ve mastered the exercises on tape, you will find that this series of exercise can be done in even less time than 30 minutes.

Check with your physician before doing this or any strenuous physical exercise and read the disclaimer before doing the exercises.

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