Product Related / Other

Within USA:

If you are a private  individual or beauty professional and require specific advice or product  consultations with Louisa, please call 1-877-568-4727 or send an email  to with your concern or
specific questions.


Outside USA: Call 1-310-670-2344

If you have questions regarding orders or shipments, please  do NOT call. For a speedy reply please email in our order and shipping department with your full name, order number,
order date, country and shipping information and we will get back to  you within 24 hours.


2 Responses to Product Related / Other

  1. wendy kinsey says:

    Dear Louisa

    I have written before to express my appreciation to you on your vocation, to help women and men too, in a wholitic way, manage their health and beauty.

    I work in the field of safety and health. One of the challenges with this area is prevention of accidents and injuries. Since human behaviour accounts for 85% of these, it behooves us to find ways to change behaviour. Negative behaviiour becomes ingrained and we call it a habit. Habits can be changed. People who start off the New Year with good habits, many learned from your blog and website, gradually slow down and fall back into old ways. A new habit takes practice and reminding in a positive way, to keep one focused. Your blog does this. The quotations are wonderful. The advice is great. Reading this daily can help us to focus on the various issues of our health and to read reinforcements to keep us on track. Some say it takes 22 days to change a habit. Yes, that may be true. But, we also need to read and review information to keep us on track. We need to make this taking in of sound and positive information a regular activity. Louisa, the information you share and your quotations and health advice if read daily, or at minimum weekly, can help us to keep that focus. I value my connection with you. You have helped by being so responsive by phone as well. Bless you for providing this wonderfully good service to anyone who wants to learn! Many thanks, Wendy Kinsey

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