Cher Uses LED Light Therapy for Youthful Skin!

Cher recently revealed that  LED Light Therapy is one of her beauty secrets,  as have some other celebrities.  Over eight years ago I revealed the rejuvenating power of LED Light Therapy  in my first doctor-recommended book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: REMEDIES to the Rescue”. In fact Oprah’s O Magazine beauty editor called me a few months ago to order one of the units that I’ve personally used for years and also offer on my web site at  a deep discount price.

I have tested and used  many types and sizes  of  LED units, from hand helds, to the 2-panel unit. And to  this day I continue to personally use affordable, non-invasive LED Light Therapy to keep my skin looking youthful and  to help “speed- heal” a bruise, cut, or sore muscles. My husband uses my LED unit to quickly relieve his lower back pain or pulled muscles.

I have  promoted affordable, non-invastive  LED Light Therapy units to several thousand individuals including:  actresses, models, doctors, spas, aestheticians, physical therapists, and women and men of all ages,  because it is scientifially proven to rejuvenate skin and help reduce inflammation and pain.  

Anyone can use LED Light Therapy – any age skin or any skin color. Use it nine minutes a day or every other day  in the privacy of your home or office for rejuvenation. For pain management or inflammation use it 17 – 34 minutes for quick relief.  Over the past eight years dozens of manufacturers approach me to sell LED’s. I’ve tried just about all of them but one unit I think is currently THE best on the market, is the 2-panel, FDA-Approved LED system. This unit retails for $399 to $499, but I’ve helped thousands of individuals pay much less for their unit (ONLY $289) when you download the discount order from at my web site on the LED Light therapy page. You can also order it over the phone at 1-877-568-4727 and just mention my blog and you’ll get the discount price). And I’ve also arranged to get you FREE S & H and pay no sales tax if your unit is shipped within the USA. This unt also ships worldwide, but shipping isn’t free. See the shipping fee for your country on bottom  the LED Light Therapy Page at my web site And find out alot more details about this age-defying, easy-to-use light. You’ll be amazed at all of the benefits LED Light Therapy can you and your family.


About Beauty & Age-Proofing Empowerment Gal
Beauty and Age-Proofing Expert Louisa Maccan-Graves is the author of doctor-recommended book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: REMEDIES to the RESCUE”. Louisa was acknowledged in recent book, “Career Comeback”, by Springboard Press, as one of two TOP Rejuvenation Experts in Los Angeles, noting nine pages of her most popular age-proofing tips for women 35 . Louisa is a top Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert on TV, radio and live speaking events empowering women of all ages and budgets with her proven “Look & Feel Good” tips. As a top beauty expert in the media, Louisa has appeared on myriad TV shows including: The Doctors, Extra, Soap Talk, Star Daily, Eye on LA, Style Network, Discovery Channel, and on morning news shows more. View Louisa TV Sizzle reel here: Louisa addressed women's “head to toe” concerns with do-able, scientifically proven solutions that cost a fraction of the price of doctor treatments or costly department store brands. Louisa is often a regular guest expert on radio, having done over 500 interviews nationwide, including KIIS-FM, Hot 97 New York, WGN-Chicago, K-Earth Los Angeles, eHealthRadio, Aging Without Limits, and more. See TV & radio producer testimonials at Louisa’s healthy slimming tonic landed her on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine and her proven “Look & Feel Good” solutions have appeared on,, Toronto Star, The Boston Herald, Orange County Registrar, Britain’s Celebs on Sunday, and more. Louisa appeared in Dr. Drew Pinksy’s pilot as one of the chosen "experts" for his new show, announced in December 2010 on the Joy Behar Show, to air in the spring of 2011. Why is Louisa the Ultimate go-to “Look & Feel Good” Expert? Louisa is on the pulse of what women want. She has changed the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide to help them look and feel their best, no matter what their budget. Those she’s helped include: moms and baby boomers, teenagers, actresses, models, Hollywood make-up artists and their A-List Celebrity clients, executives, doctors, and even royalty -- using sensible, affordable and proven solutions. “I’ve spent years studying the science of beauty, rejuvenation and women’s health and have made it my life's mission to offer a variety of safe, doctor-approved solutions, that can help address women's “head to toe” beauty and aging challenges, without having to spend a fortune”, says Louisa.

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