Louisa’s Daily “Look & Feel Good” Ritual

Taken from eBook: “Look & Feel Your Best on Any Budget”, By Louisa Maccan-Graves

My daily “Look & Feel Good” ritual has helped me achieve several goals in my life. And it is one of the easiest, AND most powerful ways to  really turn your life around. Many of us have begun the new year with new goals or life-changing resolutions in mind.  But quite often, after a few weeks, we find ourselves losing steam and “sliding back” into old habits.  Before you know it, another year has gone by, and guess what? — we didn’t achieve our goal or dream. 

A gentle and effective way to help you achieve goals, to help turn your life around, and  live a more beautiful, fulfilling, healthy and successful life is to “plant positive seeds of affirmation” into your subconscious. The best time to plant your seeds is right before you fall asleep, and in the morning, as you are waking up. Your subconscious is like an empty field, ready to plant your thoughts. What you think will manifest on the outside!   

Here’s What You Do:

Each evening and before you rise, repeat a mantra that will help you overcome your challenge such as “I am of perfect health”, “I am rejuvenated”, “I am taking care of my body”, “I am losing weight”, “I am drawing prosperity toward me”, “I am forgiving myself and others”, etc.

Plant your positive seeds of health, happiness, wealth, success, or whatever you desire and nurture your positive seeds daily. Do not dig them up by thinking negative thoughts or talking about your challenge. Instead, turn your challenge to the power you have within your subconscious and experience a beautiful, radiant-filled life with all the great things that God has intended for you.

By planting your positive seeds of affirmation each day, you will experience changes that will help uplift and empower you. If you’re unclear about what seeds you want to plant, try writing down your goals, visualize your purpose in life and you’ll quickly realize that you’re ready to start your garden. Your “seeds” will blossom and bring you enthusiasm, joy and closer to achieving what you want.

Enjoy my ritual!  Best, Louisa  For more “Look & Feel Good” tips, you can download my NEW  eBook, “Look & Feel Your Best on Any Budget: Empowering Tips for Women of All Ages”  for just $7.95 at www.HollywoodBeautySecrets.com  in the shop in “Louisa’s Softcover Book/ New Ebook & Model Sculpting Workout on DVD” Section.


About Beauty & Age-Proofing Empowerment Gal
Beauty and Age-Proofing Expert Louisa Maccan-Graves is the author of doctor-recommended book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: REMEDIES to the RESCUE”. Louisa was acknowledged in recent book, “Career Comeback”, by Springboard Press, as one of two TOP Rejuvenation Experts in Los Angeles, noting nine pages of her most popular age-proofing tips for women 35 . Louisa is a top Beauty & Age-Proofing Expert on TV, radio and live speaking events empowering women of all ages and budgets with her proven “Look & Feel Good” tips. As a top beauty expert in the media, Louisa has appeared on myriad TV shows including: The Doctors, Extra, Soap Talk, Star Daily, Eye on LA, Style Network, Discovery Channel, and on morning news shows more. View Louisa TV Sizzle reel here: www.hollywoodbeautysecrets.com/sizzle2 Louisa addressed women's “head to toe” concerns with do-able, scientifically proven solutions that cost a fraction of the price of doctor treatments or costly department store brands. Louisa is often a regular guest expert on radio, having done over 500 interviews nationwide, including KIIS-FM, Hot 97 New York, WGN-Chicago, K-Earth Los Angeles, eHealthRadio, Aging Without Limits, and more. See TV & radio producer testimonials at www.HollywoodBeautySecrets.com Louisa’s healthy slimming tonic landed her on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine and her proven “Look & Feel Good” solutions have appeared on WomansDay.com, Celebuzz.com, Toronto Star, The Boston Herald, Orange County Registrar, Britain’s Celebs on Sunday, and more. Louisa appeared in Dr. Drew Pinksy’s pilot as one of the chosen "experts" for his new show, announced in December 2010 on the Joy Behar Show, to air in the spring of 2011. Why is Louisa the Ultimate go-to “Look & Feel Good” Expert? Louisa is on the pulse of what women want. She has changed the lives of thousands of individuals worldwide to help them look and feel their best, no matter what their budget. Those she’s helped include: moms and baby boomers, teenagers, actresses, models, Hollywood make-up artists and their A-List Celebrity clients, executives, doctors, and even royalty -- using sensible, affordable and proven solutions. “I’ve spent years studying the science of beauty, rejuvenation and women’s health and have made it my life's mission to offer a variety of safe, doctor-approved solutions, that can help address women's “head to toe” beauty and aging challenges, without having to spend a fortune”, says Louisa.

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